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Welcome to Ashland Volunteer Rescue Squad! 
We have been serving our community since 1950 as an all volunteer rescue squad. Our membership currently consists of over 50 active members and we are always looking for new faces! If you enjoy serving your community and helping those in need, while having fun in good company, please consider a volunteer position within Ashland Rescue.

How to become an AVRS member:
* We first ask that you observe at least (3) three times on various shifts to determine if this is a good position for you. By observing, we mean riding on an ambulance for an assigned shift. We have various shifts to accommodate your schedule. Please contact the Recruitment Coordinator or the on duty crew chief prior to running a shift.
* After running three (3) shifts, the Recruitment Coordinator or another member will have you fill
out a copy of the Hanover Fire/EMS Volunteer Application
and return it to the Squad. The application will then be checked for criminal background, as well as a DMV check. During this time, you may be contacted by Hanover Fire/EMS to schedule a physical, which is required by ALL volunteers.
* After receiving approval for membership by Hanover, the Recruitment Coordinator will then contact the applicant and schedule an interview with the Membership Committee. When the applicant passes the interview, the application will be reviewed by the Officer Council. The applicant will then be contacted by the Captain and will be placed on Probation for six (6) months. The Captain will also determine the best crew for the new member in consideration with the members schedule.

Duties of an AVRS Member
* All members of Ashland Volunteer Rescue Squad are required to run his/her duty. Full Members - Run 48 hours a month and (1) 24 hour duty. Affiliate Members - Run 24 hours a month.
* ​Members are required to attend the General Membership Meeting every other month starting in January. The meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month at 19:30hrs.
* Members are expected to attending training classes that are offered throughout the year. For more specific classes please consult the Training Officer.
* All members are required to act in a responsible manner when On-duty and when Off-duty.

Benefits of AVRS Members
* Reimbursement for training classes relevant to rescue squad EMT-B Class, EVOC class, etc.
* 50% personal property taxes, if a resident of Hanover County or the Town of Ashland, and the vehicles are registered in the volunteers name.
* Gain valuable information and skills that could led to job opportunities. A majority of paid Firefighters/EMT's were or are volunteers.
* Classes such as EMT-B are required by most Richmond Metro Fire/EMS Departments.Use of Randolph-Macon Gym Facilities.
* Experience of a life time and a chance to meet new friends!

Volunteer with AVRS