We can hold classes onsite at our building in the Lipscomb Room which accommodates up to 25 students in a comfortable setting.If you or your business is interested in attending or hosting one of these classes, please contact one of our instructors or the Training Officer to set up a class today! 
  • Basic First Aid
  • CPR for the Community and Workplace

ASHI Training Center

How long is my ASHI card good for? All ASHI programs certify a person for a period of two years.

Can I recertify my current certification? If you currently posess a valid ASHI card, you can recertify that card before it expires without having to take the initial course again. If you currently possess a card from a different company, you must take the initial course.

How long do the courses take? Course lengths vary based on the number of students, instructors, the course being taught, and the equipment available. A typical CPR class for the Community and Workplace should last approximately four hours.

How much does it cost to attend a class? We charge students only for the materials used during the class. This includes (but not limited to) student books, certification cards,  and disposable equipment used during class. We do ask for donations on a per-student basis. All proceeds benefit Ashland Volunteer Rescue Squad  
  • ​Bloodbourne Pathogens
  • ​CPR Pro for the Healthcare Professional
Ashland Volunteer Rescue Squad is proud to be an official ASHI Training Center! 
We currently have a staff of ASHI Instructors that are certified to teach: